domingo, 28 de julho de 2013

The Bladder

  • Importance of Control, Not Being Able to Let Go
  • Submission, Suppression and Inhibition
  • Hard Time Making Decisions and Expression Oneself
  • Guilt
  • Avoid Tension at all Costs
  • Cyclical Shyness
  • Prudishness
  • Fear of One's Body Not Being Clean

Physical Care

Importanto to have a strong, mobile, and supple spine so nerves going to the bladder are not affected. Any surgery in the abdomen will leave adhesions that can affect the bladder. Visceral Manipulation can free these adhesions. Excess weight, especially in the abdomen, deprives the bladder of adequate mobility and pushes it downward. Ensure proper biomechanics, as unbalanced walking can set the bladder off balance.

Nutricional Care

Drink often and a little at a time. Reduce your intake of dietary bladder irritants: alcoholic beverages, carbonated beverages (with or withour coffeine), milk or milk products, coffe or tea (even decaffeinated), medicines with caffeine, salt, red meat, seafood, high-acid citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato-based products, highly spiced/hot foods, sugar, honey, chocolate, corn syrup, artificial sweetener. Watch out for constipation-it is the bladder enemy. The lower part of the intestine that leans on the bladder can increase its pressure and push the bladder downward. Systemic enzymes can help your body break down the internal and external adhesions from surgery.

Psychological Care

Try therapies which will help you gain self-confidence and overcome your shyness and fear of facing others. Singing and dancing are excellent activities to promote confidence and muscle tone. Standing up straight is the most fundamental therapy. Walk with an upright gait, keeping your shoulders back. Look people in the eye. Free yourself a strict "reward-punishment" system. Work on not feeling responsible for everything, and allow an occasional bad mood.

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